Cyberforce Competition 2022

Cyberforce Competition 2022

Casey Colley


Members of OSUSEC’s CDC Team and chaperone Emily Longman

This past weekend, OSUSEC’s Cyberdefense Competition team flew out to Chicago, IL to compete in the Department of Energy’s Cyberforce Competition! We were tasked with securing and administering a network of 6 virtual machines, then defending it against a team of hackers. Cyberforce also tests students’ abilities to budget their time and respond to miscellaneous requests from managers relating to the NIST framework for cybersecurity. We brought home 10th place out of 169 teams, and placed 1st place for team style 😎

This year, we were also able to play in the Department of Energy’s CTF game “Conquer the Hill: Reign” on-site. The game is super fun and very well done. We had a blast.

The team consisted of Mike Carris, Sean Mack, Julie Weber, Otso Barron, Gabriel Kulp, and Casey Colley, and was chaperoned by Emily Longman.

Many thanks to Department of Energy, the Argonne National Laboratory, and especially Amanda Theel for all their endless hard work to put on Cyberforce every year, we really enjoy and appreciate it!