Meeting 10/11

Meeting 10/11

Zander Work


Thanks Zach for the awesome presentation tonight on Network Security Monitoring! I’ll update this post with a link to the slides once they are available.

Announcements from tonight’s meeting:

Make sure you are on Discord/SLI. Links are on the homepage for those.
We will be hosting NetSPI on November 1st. They will be bringing pizza, so please RSVP for this so we can get a head count and information on dietary restrictions. [Link to RSVP.]( The deadline to RSVP is 10/25.
HitconCTF is this weekend! We have reserved KEC 1003 for the duration of the event, and will be collaboratively working on challenges throughout the weekend. Feel free to stop by (we may or may not have pizza/other fun things ;), Fri @7pm – Sun @7pm. Make sure that you get the @CTF tag on Discord to get access to those channels (#info for info on that).