Meeting 9/27

Meeting 9/27

Zander Work


Thanks for the awesome turnout tonight! I’ll make a permanent reservation for that space, as it seems like we have a lot more members this year, which is fantastic!

Here is a link to the slides for tonight’s meeting: (NOTE: you need to sign in with your OSU account to view them)

Please make sure you register with the club via SLI (Link:

This weekend we (officers) will be revamping the resources page to provide some guidance for those who are brand new to security and those who have been 1337 pwners for years alike. Please check slide #14 for some info on where to get started brand new. If you prefer a more traditional approach to learning, I have heard great things about Cybrary (, so check that out as well (NOTE: I haven’t used Cybrary before, so I’m not positive if it lives up to the hype. Please let me know what you think of it).

As I mentioned in the meeting, the Cyberforce Competition is coming up, and if you are interested in being on the team, please fill out this survey by October 10th: (NOTE: This also requires that you sign in with your OSU email) Let me know if you guys have any questions, and I’m looking forward to an awesome year!