Meeting Notes 10/12

Meeting Notes 10/12

Casey Colley


Matt Jansen and Jake Johanson dive deeper after finishing the same task.

Howdy hackers! Thanks to everyone who showed up tonight! Tonight we introduced the NSA Codebreaker Challenge, and held a work party. Hopefully you were able to make some progress on Tasks in a focused environment and get free dinner! We covered previous year’s Codebreaker themes, the NSA’s mission and how that inspires the Challenge, and introduced the different tools that the NSA recommends to approach the Challenge with.

The slides for the meeting are available here (ONID required):

Other events coming up:

  • November 4th-5th: DoE’s Cyberforce Competition
  • November 19th: CPTC Western Regionals
  • Ongoing: NSA Codebreaker Challenge