Meeting Notes 11/09

Meeting Notes 11/09

Casey Colley


Casey Colley explaining a design of their project to use as an example.

Howdy hackers! Last night, I covered cybersecurity in software development. I talked about how you can incorporate security into each stage of the Software Development Lifecycle, some examples of how that has gone wrong in real life software projects, and the different mitigations that have come about in an effort to control memory corruption attacks (an example of improper input handling).

The slides for the meeting are available here (ONID required):

Next week’s meeting, we’ll be having another work party for the NSA Codebreaker Challenge, including another Tech Talk by Matt!

Other events coming up:

  • November 19th: CPTC Western Regionals
  • December 2nd-4th: HackTheBox University CTF
  • December 9th: NSA Codebreaker Challenge ends