Meeting Notes 9/28

Meeting Notes 9/28

Casey Colley


Cameron McCawley debriefing the club on activities for this year.

Howdy hackers! Thanks to everyone who showed up to the first meeting and we hope it was fun and informative!! Tonight we helped break in the new year for the club, and many people walked away from the meeting with new OSUSEC swag that they didn’t realize they were going to get!

Overall, we talked about the history and mission of OSUSEC, the various competitions we’re involved in, the events we hold, getting a CTF environment set up, some memes, and more!

The slides for the meeting are available here (ONID Login Required):

Let’s make this a good year for OSUSEC!!

Other events coming up:

  • October 7th: BSidesPDX CTF and conference
  • November 4th-5th: DoE’s Cyberforce Competition
  • November 19th: CPTC Western Regionals
  • Ongoing: NSA Codebreaker Challenge