NSA Codebreaker Challenge 2018 Results

NSA Codebreaker Challenge 2018 Results

Zander Work


Screenshot of the NSA Codebreaker Challenge's website scoreboard.

The NSA Codebreaker Challenge finished today, and I’m proud to announce that Oregon State University is the winner! We also had the most people complete Task 5 and 2 people complete Task 7, which is awesome!

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Codebreaker Challenge, it is a CTF-style event put on every year in the fall by the National Security Agency usually featuring some reverse engineering, vulnerability analysis, and exploit development, along with something unique to keep things interesting. This year, the scenario involved exploiting ransomware developed using Ethereum Smart Contracts, which was something we all had to learn a lot about.

We are hard at work on putting together write-ups for all of the tasks, and hopefully those will be published soon!