Casey Colley


Members of OSUSEC’s CDC Team

This past weekend, OSUSEC’s Cyber Defense team competed in PRCCDC, our regional Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition. The competition required us to secure and administer a handful of networks full of virtual machines hosting common business services, as well as continuously respond to IT request tickets and deliver professional reports to supervisors. Students are tested not only on their cybersecurity skills, but also on their time management and interpersonal skills. OSUSEC walked away with 1st place, and will be attending NCCDC (Nationals) at the end of April! Last year was OSUSEC’s first time attending Nationals, and we are delighted to continue to represent OSU cybersecurity this year!

Finally, we would like to thank Andrea Ballinger, head of OSU’s Information Technology department, for very generously sponsoring OSUSEC’s trip to Washington in order to compete!! We couldn’t have done it without the support!

The team consisted of Julie Weber, Mike Carris, Matt Jansen, Evan Mrazik, Otso Barron, Ayden Murphy-Kirsch, Casey Colley, and Brandon Ellis, and was chaperoned by Emily Longman.