Casey Colley


Members of OSUSEC’s CDC Team holding the travelling trophy

We are delighted to announce that OSUSEC’s Cyber Defense team won first place in PRCCDC 2024 last week!! This is our third year in a row, and we’re really looking forward to competing in Nationals in San Antonio later this month. We are excited to continue to represent OSU cybersecurity for another year!

CCDC requires us to secure and administer a handful of networks full of virtual machines hosting common business services, as well as continuously respond to IT request tickets and deliver professional reports to supervisors. Students are tested not only on their cybersecurity skills, but also on their time management and interpersonal skills.

The team consists of Matthew Simoes, Abigail Whittle, Lucas Ball, Otso Barron, Jake Johanson, Lucas Stephens, Grace Parrish, and Casey Colley. Thank you Brandon Ellis for coaching us this season! Great work team!!

Picture of the team pouring from the trophy’s cup