WWT Blue Team CyberRange

WWT Blue Team CyberRange

Casey Colley


Final scoreboard of WWT Blue Team CyberRange event.

Last Thursday, OSUSEC assembled a team of 4 students to compete in WWT’s fantastic blue team CyberRange! We had a ton of fun and are very proud to announce that we placed 3rd, going up against a mixture of teams including those from federal agencies & Fortune 500 companies! We played from 3pm to 3am the next morning, all in one shot. The crash afterwards was not pleasant but it was still worth it – incident response and cyber competitions take on a wilder and much more creative tone when it’s an odd hour in the morning.

One such response was when they compromised and defaced our website. We knew there had to be some vulnerability we overlooked in the website and that it relied on poor access controls to function. We didn’t have enough time to figure out exactly how. So, why do that, when one can simply hamstring their permissions? This creative, spur of the moment solution, along with a tiny little chmod, paid credence to a very important blue team tenet: containment of the threat before all else.

Overall, we had a ton of fun and we’re super excited to change teams for WWT’s red teaming event October!