CTF League

CTF League logo, starring a beaver with a lock


The OSUSEC CTF League is a great way for anyone interested in cybersecurity to develop their offensive security skills and get into playing CTF with the OSUSEC team!

CTF League is a year-long competition that runs similar to a standard capture the flag event, with new challenges released every week. Each week, players compete to solve timed challenges intended to teach web, application, and cryptographic security tactics and prepare players for CTF competitions that OSU competes in as a club.

CTF League is open to any member of the club, and teams will be formed to be balanced and promote healthy competition that will spur learning. Points will be gathered through challenge completion, and winners will be assessed based upon these points.

Through competing in CTF League, each player receives points in accordance with their completion of challenges. These are tracked on our scoreboard.


OSU players are eligible to win prizes! The top ten players will receive custom OSUSEC sweatshirts, and the top 3 players will choose from a selection of prizes, including:

Meeting Times & Dates

CTF League dates for each respective term will be posted on the Discord below as they are decided.

Join CTF League!

Join us on Discord! https://discord.gg/RUPbjz3bGZ