Resources List

Getting Started

Make sure to sign up for the club on SLI (that’s how we report numbers), and join us on Discord (that’s where all the fun happens). If you play CTF, please join our CTFTime Team!

Introductory CTF Material

Interested in getting into Capture The Flag? Check these out! Also join the @CTF role on Discord to participate in CTF with us!


Not all tools will be needed to do most challenges.

CTF / pwn & Reversing Materials

References and cool sites related to CTF.

CTF Heap, GOT, LibC, Malloc Materials

Advanced pwn Challenge Materials.

Open Source INTelligence (OSINT) Materials

Reference material and learning resources about OSINT practices

Malware / Forensics / Threat Intel

Materials relating to …. well… malware reversing, forensics, threat intelligence and such things.

CDC Materials

Materials for learning Cyber Defense Competition skills. Join us and learn about CDC in the #cdc channel by adding the CDC role in Discord!

Cryptography Materials

Resources pertaining to Cryptography

Web Resources

Web Security Resources


OSUSEC Discord Bot

1. Verify

Once joined, you will see a new DM from our Bot, creatively named OSUSEC Bot. It will ask for your ONID email, and then send you a confirmation token to that email to verify you are an OSU student.

Once you get the token, reply to the bot, and you will be granted Member permissions on the OSUSEC Discord server.

You should see that you have been granted the Member role when you click on your name in the OSUSEC Discord server.

2. Add Roles

Now that you’re in, select the #botspam channel. This is where you will configure your roles.

You may always type !help to get a list of all commands.

To see all roles, run !roles. To add (for example) the ctf role, run !role add ctf – if you are verified, you’ll be able to join in any CTF we play!

Optional: Gitlab

Now, if you have a account, you can run !gitlab <username> to add yourself to our gitlab group.

Optional Channels

If you are feeling like reviewing some malware, we have a channel named #malware where you may read, discuss and share real world exploit PoCs, malware samples and other such materials.

Of course this comes with an agreement that you will be on good behavior (you agree to abide by the OSUSEC code of ethics and channel rules).

To join, run !malware, and agree to be good by pressing the checkbox.

Also available is a #political-discussion channel, where anyone may engage in protracted discussion touching on politics. This as well comes with an agreement to the OSUSEC code of ethics and channel rules.